Visa and student permit

If you want to study French over a long period of time at our school, depending on your country of origin, you will probably need to ask for a student visa from a Swiss representation (Consulate or Embassy) in your country before coming to Geneva.

You will find further information hereafter:

People who do not need a visa in order to enter Switzerland can only apply for a student permit (“permit B pour études”) from local authorities. The office in charge of delivering permits is the Office Cantonal de la Population et des Migrations (OCPM).

We will provide you with a certificate of enrolment of the school which is needed to include with your documents.

Here are the documents and information you have to hand over to the ‘Office Cantonal de la Population et des Migrations‘ in order to obtain the examination of your request for a student permit:

  • The ‘E’ or ‘O’ forms fully completed
  • Certificate of enrolment of our school
  • Fully complete curriculum vitae as well as a motivation letter
  • Study plan (including the total length of studies, the name of the diploma, etc)
  • Written commitment to leave Switzerland
  • Proof of financial means
  • Copy of the renting contract or written attestation from the landlord
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of the criminal record
  • 2 photos passport size

You will find ‘E’ and ‘O’ forms at the ‘Office Cantonal de la Population et des Migrations‘ or by clicking here: E form , O form .

If you need help with filling out the forms or you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us !