Software courses

Computer software courses proposed by ELFI are aimed at eager people to discover or improve their knowledge in the use of common software (text editors, spreadsheet, Internet browsers, e-mail, etc).

Today’s software complexity doesn’t make learning easy. Considering this fact, ELFI presents a pragmatic and efficient approach. Organized in practical themes, these courses answer concrete situations. You will not be overwhelmed with useless concepts, you will only learn necessary elements for your needs.

We essentially offer tailored courses. Our courses are dispensed as private lessons with experienced teachers. You will be able to progress more quickly and above all at your own pace.

Here are some common topics:

  • Writing a letter, a report, an essay
  • Discovery of the Internet (web browsers, search engines, etc)
  • Using the e-mail
  • Planning with electronic diary and calendar
  • Discovery of Windows (organizing folders and files, etc)
  • Making simple computations and creating a budget

Dates and timetable

Given the fact these courses are dispensed on demand, dates are set with the approval of the student. Contact us in order to get more information.