Timetable and prices

Our French classes are held throughout the year every weekday (Monday to Friday): 9 am to 12 pm or from 2.15 pm to 5.15 pm (depending on the level).

You can join a class at any time of the year (except for complete beginners).

Daily class duration: 3 hours (= 4 times 45 minutes)

The price is CHF 670.- for four weeks of class.

Important: classes are held every weekday (Monday to Friday), but attending a class less often is possible if needed.

Here are the prices according to the frequency (number of lessons per week):

Frequency Price (for 4 weeks)
5 lessons a week CHF 670.-
4 lessons a week CHF 600.-
3 lessons a week CHF 530.-
2 lessons a week CHF 450.-
1 lesson a week CHF 400.-

Registration fees: CHF 100.–

Prices mentioned above apply for a four-week period exactly and are in Swiss francs. An amount of CHF 10.- is also charged for photocopy fees (for each four-week period).

Special offer:
50% discount on registration fees:
CHF 50.– instead of CHF 100.–

As our school offers all levels of French throughout the year, it is possible to join a class at any time essentially for people with at least some knowledge of French.

Important information for beginners: complete beginners are advised to wait for the beginning of a class. We have several dates per year (please contact us in order to get the dates).

Once a student is registered at our school, he or she can stay as long as needed: from a few weeks to many months.

Foreign students who need to apply for a student visa or permit from Swiss authorities must be enrolled for 5 lessons (days) a week.

Please note that the school management may not open a class if the number of students is not sufficient.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Do you know some friends interested in attending French lessons? Tell your friends to come and get a discount on your school fees! Ask us for the conditions and advantages we offer.


For holidays, the school is closed: three weeks during summer (often at the beginning of August) and three weeks during winter (Christmas holidays). There are no courses during the bank holidays of Geneva. Apart from these holiday periods, classes are held all year long.